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Welcome to AiToolkit, providers of affordable software solutions for the forensic road accident investigator. 

Products here were developed by practising accident investigators to provide user friendly, concise solutions to common calculations. All calculations within these programs are widely used and accepted and use Newtonian physics and the laws of motion. 

Calculations here include those contained within the training syllabus for UK Police accident investigators along with many others not covered within that training.  We produce two MS Windows® products which are:-

Aitoolkit calcs software crash car

AiToolkit - Calcs

is a comprehensive set of commonly used accident investigation calculations. This includes all formula in general daily use and many other useful calculation tools.

AiToolkit Damage | crash car

AiToolkit - Damage

allows calculation of the ∆V (Delta V) or speed change of a vehicle from the extent and nature of damage sustained by a vehicle following an impact.

For updates to the crash test database click here.

Evaluation copies are fully functional for 21 days after which the programs become inactive. After this a license key can be purchased to allow continued usage.  (Click here to download software)

Both applications have modest hardware requirements and are designed to function on both current and earlier hardware and operating systems.  They will function on all types of Windows® compatible machines. (Click here for minimum requirements)

Pricing - download price list (PDF) (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader to view - download free reader from below)

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NOTE: AiToolkit - Damage uses the S.I. metric unit measurement system. AiToolkit - Calcs make use of both imperial and metric units which is fully selectable by the user.


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